Download Instagram Videos for Free

Instagram is a social platform where different people post their photos and videos in order to share them with friends and also for making them memorable. Other than that those videos and photos are stored for long time.

Now the question arises how to download instagram videos?

By default the instagram will not allow you to download your desired video or photos from instagram. So, you must be thinking that how to download instagram video? Right!!!

Applications for downloading

Then in this case you are ought to use any third party software for downloading your instagram videos/Pictures.
There are many instagram downloaders online which facilitates you to download the video and save that video on your PC or Smartphone and show those videos to your friends and social circle.

You can also post that video again on instagram or on any other social media. Through this way you are able to share that video with your loved ones.

Copyright issues:

Any online or offline application will not take responsibility if any issue regarding copyright occurs. You will be responsible for that. So I recommend you to first take permission from the authority of the video and then share that video with anyone.

In this article I hope you are able to get answer of this issue “How to download instagram video”.
And in case you don’t pay any heed to this permission issue the authorized person can even sue you and you have to face the proceeding.

Instagram profile picture

Now moving towards the instagram pictures, you are not able to download profile picture of any person in your link in instagram. And people feel really bad when you are in love with some instagram profile picture but Alas! You are unable to download that.

You can use any Instagram Profile Picture downloader for downloading that eye catching profile picture and can see that picture offline as well. You can also repost that picture on your favorite platform.

There is list of software’s and applications which are made for ease of the user. And by using those apps and software’s your life is being facilitated.

These two questions of downloading video and profile picture have been sorted by different developers working in IT field. You can download picture or video by just a single click and there is no complex procedure for doing that.


Downloading your desired video or photo hasn’t been much easier than it is now. All you need to do is to select your favorite picture of video which is indeed a difficult task and after that nothing is difficult and everything seems to very easy and it is not time consuming.

Before development in IT industry the main issue was how to use the technology but now technology use has become very easy and even every person can use this.

You don’t need for high degrees or anything for this purpose. In the same case downloading your desired picture or video has become very easy and almost every person can do this.

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