Instagram Video

Instagram is a social platform on which different people post pictures and videos. Eye catching videos and pictures are posted which are very motivational for the people.

Along with this daily updates about the countries, celebrities, technology etc. is done on instagram. But the question arises that in order to instagram video download what should be done? There is no by default functionality of the instagram in order to download video.

Downloading instagram video

There are many options for downloading videos and pictures. Instagram video download can be done by different software’s and applications. These software’s and applications are very useful and can be used easily.

All you need to do is to simply copy and paste the URL on your desired software/application. And in this way you are now able to download your desired video.

Downloading instagram picture

In the same way as instagram video download is done you can also download pictures utilizing instagram picture downloaders. There are millions and thousands of users which are posting hundred and thousands of pictures and videos on daily basis.


As people are busy in uploading videos and photos on instagram in the same manner developers are busy in making more and more software’s for facilitating instagram user for downloading videos and pictures.

But in ethical point of view that’s wrong practice as the social media Instagram doesn’t allow download user instagram photos but we are going out of bound in order to save or download pictures and videos of our desire.

Content of video:

The content of videos uploaded on instagram are versatile and will cover every aspect of life either it can be short clips of your daily routine, or any outing videos, social, economic, political and culture. Through instragram you can share your every moment in the form of videos with your loved ones and also with your friends who are living far away from you.

Development of these platforms you can keep in touch with the entire world. These social platforms have transformed the world into Global Village.

And it seems that the persons are very close to you and you are not living with them. These platforms keep the people connected. But there is also a drawback that by excessive use of this platform we have lost the interaction with the people who are living close to us.

Instagram Popularity:

Instagram is now most commonly used social media platform which is used by the people in order to remain connected and through which people can share their thoughts and expressions. On instagram user can share their videos and pictures respectively.

And the number of users for instagram is increasing day by day. And till Sep 2017 there were 800 Million user of instagram of which 68% were females only.


Instagram is a growing platform and people love to download and upload videos and pictures from instagram. And nowadays very informative and authentic videos have been shared on instagram and people wanted to download those videos for long term.

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